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A.F Imaginations and Publications is a website designed to highlight books across multiple different genres while helping new authors get seen. There is no better feeling as an author than seeing your books be read and thoroughly enjoyed. Though your book may not be a best seller of all time, it encourages more of you to share your unique thoughts.

I adore reading books. Books have evolved from paperbacks to ebooks and audio books. However, the benefits are worthwhile. Books create new adventures or teach us something new. Harry Potter had us visit Hogwarts while textbooks can teach us about grammar or coding. You can learn and experience anything!  Books also give a personalized perspective.  Think about it!  It’s someone like you or me who had the courage to share their mind with us.

I created A.F. Imaginations and Publications for the purpose of supporting publishers globally. My goal is to create a community that gives authors an opportunity to share their stories.

In humbleness, we learn greatness. In greatness, we learn humbleness. It’s the heart that makes imaginations incredible because their authenticity is inspiring. A.F. Imaginations and Publications is a community to promote creators to share their ideas and craft. This positive website includes marketing tips, recommended book products, writing courses, informational articles, dramas, a welcoming community, and free resources.