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Opened My Eyes to Relationships. A Review on the “R(evolution) for Love”

The book “R(evolution) for love” written by Kati Niemi is just an incredible book of all time. I loved reading the book, and it opened my eyes to many things. Kati is spreading too much positivity to those who are struggling with their relationships.

In this amazing book, she told about her personal experiences and observations throughout the text on relationships, breakup, and separation. I get to know that either a better relationship or a brilliant breakup, what to choose among them in a difficult situation. 

Book has four parts, each part is thought-provoking and delivers positivity through her wise words. Now, I am going to look at each part in a detailed manner. Let me share my reviews and feelings that were the same after reading each part of this book.

Part 1: Wake Up

The first part is “Wake Up”, in which she wisely discussed the challenges one might face in relationships. The first stage of a relationship is exciting. We love everything about the person and the new things about that person attract us. After some time, couples face various challenges like figuring out each other, managing expectations, compromising, and many more.

There are nice guys and bad guys too, similarly, there are good girls and harridan, we do not want to compromise and expect higher from our partner. This leads to problems and arguments in the relationship. Bad communication is one of the greater challenges, most people are uncomfortable with the pace of relationships. They can’t understand clearly the nature of their sexual relationship and can’t communicate clearly to the partner.

Moreover, she smoothly compiled all the issues and explained relatable true scenarios of the people with such challenges in this part of the book. When I was reading that part, it made me realize that most of them happened to me too in the early phase of my relationship. 

Part 2: Look Before You Leap

After discussing the issues and pressures in relationships, she is explaining beautifully in the second part that before you leap: Look. There are warning signs in this part and ways to resolve issues, to make relationships better. Also, this part covers the question; how to accept the necessity of divorce or separation?

It is wise to take advice from siblings, parents, and friends before making any decision. Moreover, never ignore the concerns of your children with you and your partner and keep in mind that how your decision will affect your children, either positive or negative. Sometimes, separation helps to unite again and save your marriage eventually.

Kati, in this part, explained the ways to save your relationship and reminds you that why you both got together in the first place. Furthermore, she is encouraging the adults who are in bad relationships through her mesmerizing words. Her encouraging words are allowing them to make a better decision about their love life and move forward in life to achieve goals.

Part 3: Towards D-Day

The third part is inviting the readers to ponder on the separation in more depth. First of all, get out from this thought that what others will say if I got divorced. If you are unsure of yourself whether you are happy with separation or not, it is good to talk with someone related to that matter. In this part, she is making the readers ponder on themselves like what they think about themselves and what they will be doing next? She is insisting through her words to allow the people to see all the opportunities.

Moreover, financial practicalities and kids’ well-being are necessary. Communicate with your ex politely and nicely to make a good example to your children and to survive this separation process. This part of the book made me realize that divorce can bring a lot of optimism to your life. You can become a good friend with your ex. You will be able to take responsibility for your life. There are real-life examples stated in the book that gives this positive impression that separation can be amicable.

Part 4: Spreading Happiness

Last part but not least is spreading happiness which provides a glimpse into life after divorce or breakup. It is normal to feel a bit sad after separation but some feel happy and free after getting rid of the relationship. This stage is best for learning, don’t waste it. It could be a tough time but this shall too pass and after some time you will get enough strength and courage to lead a happy life. 

In this tough phase of life, you must ask for help from friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Also, there is a famous proverb that time heals everything. Therefore, learn to let go of the negative thoughts and show your best self to your ex. Always grab new opportunities in life and be thankful to yourself. Also, daring to grow alone an independent life will boost your mental and physical health. 


I discussed all the four parts in my words but it can not express the exact emotions and feelings that I had after reading the book. If you’re struggling with married life or a bad relationship, I would highly suggest reading this masterpiece. This book presents me with the importance of love and useful ways to spend a happy love life. Also, the exercises of each part of the book are well thought out. I highly appreciate ‘Kati Niemi’ for her incredible work. She did a Brilliant Job. After reading the book, I completely understood this, A Better Relationship or a Brilliant Break Up?

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