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5 Simple Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With for Book Readers on Black Friday

Do you know someone who loves reading?  Maybe you’re not quite sure what to buy someone who is an avid book reader.  Christmas is around the corner.  With the holidays quickly approaching us, I am sure you are aware that it’s time to start shopping.   Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect dates to find good deals for your book-loving friends and family.

It can seem like a challenge though.  For those of you who aren’t reading fanatics, buying a book that someone will actually take the time to read and like can be a daunting task. Books are great gifts, however, not all readers enjoy every single book that is out there!  Simply buying a book won’t be enough sometimes.  

To avoid buying a book someone may not like, consider looking into other options.  I mean it’s the thought that counts right?  

It almost seems like a no-brainer to buy a reader a book.  There are other options out there. It can be a hit or miss.  Unless they spell out what book they’d like to read, guessing could be a problem.  This is because readers come in all shapes and sizes just like books! Some of us enjoy non-fiction while others melt at the thought of reading a romance novel.

Then you need to take into consideration who the reader is. Some readers like to be discreet about their hobby while others like to flaunt it to the world.  Personality plays a role in choosing the right gift. 

After doing some basic research of what book readers thoroughly liked, I narrowed it down to 5 simple gifts.  I decided to create a simple list of 5 things you can buy for someone who likes reading.  They’re basic, but get the job done.  You can’t go wrong with these options. 

Kindle Case 

Personally, I prefer my books to consist of pages.  Sometimes though Kindles are a great alternative if you don’t have the space of keeping a fancy bookshelf.  Kindle cases are fairly durable and it’s worth investing in because they protect your e-reader.  

Since launching in 2007, Amazon’s Kindle devices have established themselves as the market leader when it comes to e-readers.  It’s an option that includes a slim, lightweight alternative to physical books.  Despite their durability, these devices can be fragile in some instances especially the slimline models.  A cover can stop and protect a kindle from unnecessary damage while on the go. 

Reasons kindle cases are a good choice:

  • Most readers use kindles / e-readers
  • Kindles are a great alternative 
  • You can customize it based on the person’s personality


You can make life easier for your book reader friends and family by giving them something to carry their stuff in.  Books, kindles, and other materials are bothersome to carry in your hands or even in a purse.  Backpacks can give your reader friends a personalized experience because they can fill it with all their favorite book reading tools. 

Reasons backpacks are a good choice: 

  • Come in many shapes and sizes
  • Can be embroidered 
  • Personalization is a plus


I think I know what you may be thinking or maybe not!   Bookmarks are a little boring…except they aren’t!  I’m sure that many book readers already have bookmarks.  Sometimes they lose it though. For those who really like the physical touch of a book and don’t necessarily use e-readers, a bookmark is a cute, thoughtful alternative.  

Bookmarks are symbolic gifts that represent book readers in general.  Not to mention, books keep track of the pages in a book especially if you know a reader who tends to read more than one book at a time.  

Not all bookmarks are the same either!   A bookmark can represent the perfect opportunity to customize it to your friends needs.  With millions of bookmark designs out there, it’s like a nice secondary gift to add to anything else. 

Reasons bookmarks are a good choice: 

  • Millions of bookmarks to choose from
  • Personalization 
  • Great secondary gift that goes well with any of the others 

Book Cases

Where else will you place your books?  Bookcases allow you to proudly show off your collection, but they act as a place to display personal gifts like photos and other items.  They come in different shapes, sizes, and can be customized based on needs. 

Now if you’re worried about price, there are bookcases that vary between $300-$1,200 in price.  You might find one a little cheaper than that for $150.  You don’t need to buy a lavish bookcase to express your level of gratitude.  Nevertheless, the endless options are a nice touch.

The beauty of a bookcase is that it lasts.  It adds a little charm to a room too. I’ve seen bookshelf custom prints that can really make a bookshelf look pop.

Reasons back cases are a good choice: 

  • A place to keep your books and other personal items 
  • Bookcases come in different forms like floating bookcases or cubed shelves
  • Adds charm

Book Lover Journal

Buying a journal as a gift is a fun pick.  There are different types of journals such as sketchbooks and diaries.  A journal has something unique and special to it though.  It’s more than just writing thoughts or sketching though.  Whether someone is a writer or not, it adds a layer of personalization that you don’t necessarily find in other gifts. 

When you give a journal to someone as a gift, you are reminding them that they matter.  It’s like giving them a world of their own where they are valued and appreciated.  Their thoughts are beautiful.  A reader will like a journal because many of them like having an outlet to express their ideas or simply the idea of one day writing their own book. 

Journals keep track of how we change.  For book readers, this is an interesting phenomenon because characters in books change too.

It adds a layer of perspective too.  By giving your reader a loved one a journal, you’re showing them that they have the ability to write a great story too if they really want to.  You believe in them and it’s an awesome way to show them that you care. 

Reasons book lover journals are a good choice: 

  • Adds a layer of thoughtfulness
  • It’s unique 
  • Friendly reminders that your loved one matters to you 

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  1. A ha, the Kindle case is a good one, because most book readers already have a Kindle. I like this list, and would welcome any of these gifts, so you’ve picked some great items there. Thanks for this post!

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