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4 Reasons Why New Authors Fail and What To Do About It

It’s a terrible feeling when you publish a book that no one buys. Despite the accomplishment of publishing a book, it’s overshadowed and underwhelming when your book doesn’t sell. Most writers go into writing because it can be a lucrative career because of authors like J.K Rawlin. However, there is a false narrative when it comes to publishing a book.

There is the idea that everyone will be a multimillionaire overnight by publishing a book.

The vast majority of people see publishing a book as an incredible accomplishment. Unfortunately, a failed book is one that doesn’t sell right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. While becoming a writer has a lot of promise, it isn’t a skyrocket straight to success. What is success for a writer? For a lot of writers, “success” means publishing and selling a book. We all want our books to be published and sold, but what if they aren’t. Does that mean it’s a failure?

In reality, if a writer is focused on earning a living writing a book, but fails, they consider themselves a failure. Too many never achieve their goals or are unable to earn money because of several reasons.

Compare Themselves to Others

Many of us compare ourselves to others. It’s inevitable. You need to break out of this habit. Comparing yourself to someone else solves nothing and can result in making your thoughts of being a failure worse. The chances are that the person you’re comparing yourself to may have struggles of their own.

You can only be authentic to yourself. A genuine version of your work is what people look for. Too many of us look at other people as a source of our happiness or unhappiness. You can’t be someone else. What you can do is stay motivated and don’t give up. A good writer is a writer that continuously gets better and doesn’t falter because of a setback.

Afraid of Failure

The fear of failure is another reason why writers fail. Failure is the result of not trying. We are afraid to fail because we only see the successes on social media. We don’t see all the hard work and failures that people went through before they actually achieved their life’s passion. Failure is only what you make of it. For some, failure isn’t even an option. For example, as long as you tried, that could be considered a win for a lot of people.

No Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is a mentality where you constantly look for ways to improve yourself. Some of us get stuck in our ways and don’t push ourselves to do better. It’s a challenge. You want to be authentic, yet sometimes being authentic and reaching your best self, is about improving yourself through education or learning.

Letting go of your ego, helps you stay humble and focus on ways to really get better. Humbling yourself requires looking at your weaknesses and being self-critical. This is not to say you should be harsh on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up! What I mean is staying real with yourself, but learning to improve upon your weaknesses and trusting in your strengths.

Only Focused on Sales

It’s an awesome feeling to have your book purchased by someone. I get it. I mean most people get into the writing business to make money and sell! The bottom line is that money shouldn’t be your only end goal. If money is your end goal, it could result in you spending less time on quality and enjoying the process. Sometimes the best moments in life are one’s we least expect.

Focus on the experience of writing your book because chances are there is someone out there that will genuinely be interested in reading it. Also, if your book doesn’t do well, it’s not a failure. It could be something you’re not doing correctly in marketing. Either way, focusing on sales is a sure way of setting yourself up for high expectations and failures.

what do you do about failing as a writer? Nothing. You keep moving forward and don’t dwell on lost opportunities. Even if you don’t become a famous author in your lifetime, publishing a book is still an awesome accomplishment. Overall, writing is an experience. You learn as you write and grow. If you want to be a writer and truly stand out from the crowd, be authentic. Don’t chase after high dreams, but let them come to you.

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