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Why Creating a Website for Your Published Book is Worth It

I spent some time surfing the internet and found an interesting theme when people advertise their books.

Being an author is an awesome achievement. It’s like you finally reached the goal that you’ve been working at for months and sometimes years. The choice between self-publishing and finding a publisher is a tough one. However, once you make that choice, what’s next?

Self Publishing on Amazon or other websites is a good start. and sometimes it’s probably the only tool you really need to kickstart your book. Amazon has a campaign tool that allows you to advertise your book on its platform. What I noticed though is that those who solely rely on Amazon don’t build a community over time. I’ve seen many authors use the Amazon link to send people to their book page to advertise.

Think of your book as a business. It’s a product that you’re selling. With that in mind, creating a website for your published book is worth it. There are many reasons why a website can help your book prosper. It’s not a bad idea to link your Amazon link and try to advertise it that way.

What I recommend for the long term, especially if you want to publish more books, is to create a website that features your books. Why do I suggest it? It’s easier to build traffic and reputation when you have your works on a reputable website. Amazon helps tremendously.

Professionally, gives you an edge.

You Build Traffic Over Time

A website gives you extended reach if you build it. Let us say your book is a sci-fi, time-traveling novel. As you build and share your site with your network, your website builds reputation over time. Its traffic will build in time if you are consistent with it. I like to add a blog to my website because it keeps my members engaged. When you’re sharing links and your site with other people, you’re investing time into its growth.

It helps your visibility on Google too. When people search for key terms pertaining to your book, it’s possible they may find it. In its basic form, SEO is a traffic builder and it’s extensive. You’ll find that people will be interested in learning more about your book if you’re able to build a brand that’s worth them paying attention to. A website is an extension of your book and your brand.

Stand Out

You’ll stand out from the crowd. You can add more information about your book on your website. It’s a creative space. Not only can people learn more about the book, but they can learn about you too. One of the many reasons J.K Rowling became famous is not just because of Harry Potter, but it’s because of her story. Her story resonated with a lot of her fans. The same can be said about you too.

What is it about the author that made them write the book? Who are they? These are questions readers may be asking themselves when searching for a new adventure. The idea of having a website gives you the chance to share who you are with your audience while adding an extra layer they may not be expecting.

Build a Community

That’s right. You build a community. What made books like Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Grey popular wasn’t necessarily the story itself. It was the community that supported it. In time, the more people who read your book the more likely they’ll like to share their experiences.

It keeps your website and content updated! Believe it or not, by people sharing their ideas about your story or anything related, it may offer you more ideas to fuel future projects. Communities are an outlet for those who may have questions about something they noticed in the story. It gets people to talk about your title too. This is a good thing!

You can share your reviews on your website too. Getting people involved, is never a bad thing especially when those people can invite others to join in.

How to Build a Website or a Community

How do you build a website or a community? Now that you have an idea of what direction you want to go, the next step is not difficult. You’re probably thinking that building a website takes a lot of time. It depends on the website. In your case, if you’re looking for something basic, website builders give you a simple option for building a website of your own.

There are different ways you can create a website. If you’re worried about the price, don’t be. There are free options you can choose from like WordPress and Wix who have an excellent product right out of the box. A simple blog can do the trick too such as blogger or medium.

A community is simple to create too. I find Facebook Groups to be a smart place to start. It’s free and easy to create one. You’d have to create a Facebook page first, but then you build the community through networking and advertising on Facebook. Facebook includes Ads and other paid incentives if you’d want to build your community quicker. It takes time to build it organically, however, once you do, the benefits are awesome.

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