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Here Are Ways You Can Work on Your Blogging and Marketing Skills

Being a blogger, you think that you’re not that good. It’s a matter of perspective though. I’ve had instances where I’ve encountered people who genuinely want to start a blog, but don’t because they’re afraid that they won’t be able to be successful at it. It’s not about where you start. It’s about how you get better.

Blogging is great to start. The question I get often is how do I market my blog? I see blogging and marketing hand-in-hand. Once you start to blog, marketing can help your blog reach more people. As a marketer, need to keep pace with new trends in your field as well as gain new knowledge and skills not only for survival but to enrich your work and gain new opportunities.

You also need to plan how you will absorb new knowledge and information to avoid confusion and being immersed in a deluge of irrelevant details and time wastage. You need to draw a plan/timetable or program of action on how you will approach the whole matter.

When we are talking of updating your skills we are mainly talking of research and training. The two are complementary and are very important. If we take the Internet as an information medium, then we will find that it contains a mass of information, knowledge, products, and opportunities which have to be sorted out to be of any meaning.

Here are ways you can work on your writing and marketing skills.

1) Look for a Writing and a Marketing Course

If you are a freelance writer or marketer you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to learn new and essential skills on your craft. Even for the experienced, there are new courses emerging or even existing courses which can broaden your knowledge.
Courses available range from paid courses on location, distance learning courses by mail or online to free and paid for courses by email/autoresponder. Some follow a formal curriculum with examinations provided and certificates issued at the end to informal ones where only a few tips exercise and assignments are provided.

Here are a few websites you may visit and see what suits you:

Freelance Writing


2) Get Involved With Other Blogs and Magazines

There are hundreds of blogs and magazines relevant to freelancing and marketing you can subscribe to for the regular dose of news and information. While there are a lot of junk ezines that will only fill your mailbox, there are many good ones that are indispensable to any writer and marketer. Select the few that are good and relevant to your work and subscribe.

You do not need to confine yourself to blogs though. There are also many print books and magazines which you could look into. While you may not have the wherewithal to subscribe or purchase all, there are some which you cannot afford to miss.

Check out the following sites for ezines or publications relevant to your business:

3) Online Search and library research

From time to time, you will have questions that you do not know where to find their answers to. You may also need comprehensive and up-to-date information and news. This is where using Internet search engines and online virtual libraries and offline libraries and databases come in. These are indispensable tools for finding news, knowledge, and information.
As a freelance writer, the search for information is an endless exercise. Whether you want to check facts for your article or book or need information for writing a new piece.

For the marketer, pay–per–click search engines are a goldmine for getting prospective clients. Since searchers are looking for particular information using relevant keywords, there is the likelihood that the information could be on your site.
Here are a few search engines and virtual libraries.

Search Engines

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