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2 Ways on How to Overcome Fear of Criticism On Your Writing.

Fear of writing is debilitating. Whether you are a marketer who is writing a copy or someone who wants to start a book, you just need to remember you’re not alone.

“What if I’m not any good. I couldn’t handle the rejection,” I remember a famous quote from George Mcfly in the movie Back to the Future. My time as a marketing director taught me that more people are afraid of writing than they care to admit. Why are some people afraid? They’re afraid of rejection. They’re afraid they aren’t good enough.

Public opinion is scary.

Criticism is not easy to endure either. In some ways, it’s like you are being attacked. Not all criticism is bad though. It can serve the purpose of helping us improve. Filtering criticism is what helps it be useful. Though being critiqued is not the worst thing in the world, it can be damaging to your confidence.

Can you imagine spending tireless hours on a novel only to be that it was no good? Some of us may shrug it off and not be worried about the opinions of others. However, many will avoid writing or see it as a failure.

Perspective Does Not Matter

What I learned over the years is that perspective does not matter. Two different people can look at a painting. One person will love it. The other person will find it boring. A perspective is just that. Does that mean the painting is bad? Absolutely not. You need to move past the idea that one person’s opinion is the final say.

Writing is an art. You can work on grammar. Maybe update how to word your content. However, most people aren’t worried about grammar. They worried about the context. Are you providing them value? Do you give them information that will help them be a little bit better?

These are questions to consider when writing. Even if you don’t plan to write for anyone and you enjoy it, embrace your writing style. You don’t need to be like anyone else. Chances are that there is someone out there who thinks just like you! Again, perspective does not matter.

Your Not Being Rejected. Enjoy Yourself

I had bosses re-edit my work despite being an award-winning writer in school and earning a Master’s Degree in marketing with a 4.0 GPA. I learned to swallow my pride and realize that usually writing is not a universal acceptance. You have to take the good with the bad. For every person that may love what you write, there will certainly be people who hate what you write too.

It’s not to say that I am a great writer by any means. I know I have a specific skill set. However, I use it as an example to show you that your accolades don’t matter. Opinions are as fleeting as the wind.

What’s important is keeping your voice and not giving up.

Fear stems from rejection. Rejection is painful because you take it personally. What I learned over time is that usually, criticisms aren’t a reflection of yourself. You can take them with a grain of salt.

The next time you are worried about sharing your work. Don’t be! Support writing groups are everywhere! You can try Facebook groups if you’re interested! My experience tells me that people are willing to support you on your journey as long as you are authentic and you’re trying.

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