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What Grammar Book You Should Consider? Try The Language Theater.

To this day, I find grammar to be challenging. After I finished my Master’s degree, there are times where my grammar is rusty. I consider myself a straightforward writer. I like simplicity.

Even as adults, we should brush up on our grammar. This book is written by a Career teacher named Maria Beatty’s. She uses actors to perform specific grammatical functions that interact with the best of the cast. It’s for young learners, adults looking for simple explanations, ESL students who may have difficulty grasping the usual text-laden tome.

Grammar is not simple. English can be hard to learn and harder to understand. I found this adorable grammar book online at Amazon. I discovered it from a friend who homeschools their kids. The hardcover is quite beautiful.

What makes it a great gift is that it is long-lasting and durable. The hardcover is definitely worthy of attention.

A Great Way to Learn Grammar

This book provides a great way for kids to learn grammar in a visual way. The author does a fantastic job of coming up with ideas and exercises. The exercises were challenging. It’s a unique point of view to learn grammar with fresh material.

What I liked most was the workbook. It’s a combination that will help your kids learn through simple, effective strategies.

Cute Characters

It’s fun to read and with interesting illustrations. They’re not boring in the slightest.

The book has a lot of cute characters that make learning grammar fun with practice lessons. It reminds me of the conjunction function videos I used to watch as a kid.

The book is designed to help you and your kids understand the basics.

Useful for All Ages

I found it useful. I’ve shown it to family members of all ages. What I liked best was how the book reinforced what children learn in school. I could remember some of the lessons I learned growing up.

It’s worth the read because of how well-written and interesting it is. If you have kids or want to homeschool, this is a smart option. The book is available as an e-book which includes a workbook too.

You can buy this book directly on their website.

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