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How Writing and Reading Help with Anxiety

If you’re like me, you have a low tolerance for stress and may suffer from anxiety. You could suffer from anxiety symptoms like feeling nervous, sweating, feeling a sense of doom or feeling weak or tired. Throughout the years, I searched for ways to alleviate my terrible symptoms. I thought about calling it quits until I read more about how I could alleviate my symptoms.

I grabbed a journal and would write what thoughts I had that day. When you write about your thoughts, it gives your mind a safe place to release them. You might not have a friend or family member to talk to. That’s okay. Journaling can act as a substitute during those times of critical need. While it can’t give you emotional support, it can give you a place to release your inner demons and not feel embarrassed by them either.

Even in this digital age, there is a reason why reading and writing don’t go out of style. It’s because these two hobbies are great for your mind. How are they good for you? It’s simple.

Writing Puts Your Thoughts on Paper

Your thoughts get put on paper when you journal. They become something real that you can analyze rather than overthink. I find that when I spend fifteen minutes a day journaling I’m able to see my thoughts and not worry about them as much. I started journaling 3 years ago. Since then, daily I make sure to write what my feelings were that day. I don’t always like to burden my friends or family with my problems.

You don’t want your thoughts to be your life. This is what I learned from journaling. You can express yourself openly without the fear that you might come across as needy or demanding. Furthermore, you can always take a look back at your earlier journals to see how your mental health has improved.

Reading Keeps Your Mind Focused on Something Positive

Distraction is bliss. While you don’t want to run away from your problems, they shouldn’t be on your mind 24/7. You can search for books on how to alleviate your anxiety while at the same time enjoying a little e time. I read several self-help books that encouraged me to work on my mental health. It doesn’t need to be self-help books either. What I find is that when I am reading something I like my mind is able to relax and not stress about overthinking.

You improve your outlook too. When you read a book, you see the world from someone else’s perspective. I’d like to think there is not a single problem someone in the world hasn’t already encountered. This means that you can find the solution to what you’re going through just by taking the time in seeing someone else’s perspective.

You may be surprised that there is someone out there that went through the same struggles. What if you’re worried about someone not liking a book you wrote? You could find a book similar to your idea and see how the author was able to overcome their fear. This is what I learned about when I started using more of my time to read. I found people who had similar problems and used them to overcome my problems with solutions.

Writing and reading are valuable options for helping you get through your anxiety.

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