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The Best Resources to Advertise Your Book On

You’re excited. It’s that moment when you open the box and pull out your book. You published your first book. Now what? First, I’d tell you congratulations! It’s a great feeling to publish your first book and to show it to the public. Even if you’re not a New York Times Best Seller, you probably want people to read it too.

What are the best resources to advertise your book on? I’ve created a list of resources I thought you’d find useful. They’re resources that are relatively inexpensive and offer you a space to advertise your book on to get more people to purchase it.

Facebook Groups

I love Facebook. This is an unpopular opinion. I’ve found it useful for advertising my book though. You can join Facebook for free. Then find yourself Facebook groups where you can advertise your book on. There are groups with hundrends of thousands of members. One post of your book and you can share it to a wide audience of people. Additionally, if you really want to make the best of Facebook, the messenger is a great tool for spreading the word about your new book.

Instagram and Using the Right Hashtags

Instagram, like Facebook, are not dying yet like many people like to say. Both these social media channels continue to build a high number of new subscribers yearly. This is the key isn’t it? Instagram is free to use. It’s an option because you can reach a large mass of people by using the right hasthags. You can start by taking clean photos of your book and sharing it online. In time, building your followers will help you reach more of the right people.


Pinterest is underrated. I’d consider it the jewel of the internet. I post most of my works on Pinterest. What I notice is that overtime my images and content get noticed. A picture that I might have shared on Pinterest two years ago is a picture someone may find and lead back to me. It’s like building your library of content. Eventually, someone on the internet will find your book, content, images, and see it as useful for their purposes.

I love using Fiverr for a ton of my projects. If you need a new book cover, you go to Fiverr. If you need a new logo, you can go on Fiverr too. There are FIverr freelancers who host gigs to post your book on their website. Why is this a smart option? I’ve listed my book on sites that have a great reputation, traffic, and are a permanent listing for my book. I figure the more places I share it the more chances are that people will find it.

This is an example of useful Fiverr gig for your book writing.

These are creative ways of advertising your book. The main point of these sites is to spread your book throughout the internet for it to be found. Quanity and quality are both important. Your book can be listed on one site and be a big hit. I like to think big though. The more places your book can be found the more chances someone will find it and purchase it.

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