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The Launch of A.F. Imaginations and Publications

I am excited to present the launch of A.F Imaginations and Publications. I spent the past couple of weeks, with a colleague of mine, working on this site to get it ready for launch. Originally, I thought about opening a marketing agency. However, the past couple of weeks opened my eyes to the possibility of launching a book website instead. I have a passion for marketing. Nevertheless, I realized that I can create a platform that markets instead of an actual marketing agency.

What is the Purpose of A.F. Imaginations and Publications?

The purpose of A.F. Imaginations and Publications is to give readers and writers a community. I wanted to create a space where people can feel comfortable promoting their books. At this current time, my website is more or less about giving you recommended pieces of work. In time, I plan to expand it to other areas such as including an on-site community and a marketing service that can help self-publishers promote their books on this website.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect a positive and diverse community. I believe that reading brings people together. Additionally, everyone has their own story to tell. Why not give people, like you, a place where they can do that? Whether you are a new writer or a reader who is looking for your next novel to read, this site will be for you. Furthermore, I like sharing newly published works on my site to give authors a chance to promote their textbooks. Being an author myself, I know how good it feels to sell your first book because at least one person will get to read your wonderful work of art.

Reviews and Resources

My site will feature reviews and resources. The reviews will include stories from a number of different platforms such as books or dramas. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I’ll be reading books and writing reviews on them for people to use. The reviews will be short to save time. Since I want to promote other people’s works, I’ll definitely make sure the reviews are mainly positive. The purpose is to build confidence in the writers. The coolest part about my site will feature free resources for writers and readers.

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