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5 Reasons Autumn is an Awesome Business Sales Period

We are officially in Autumn.  I can usually tell because of the vibe change. Sunny days are less frequent and the beautiful bright mornings come to an end.  I think you might be feeling a bit sad that summer is gone.  I do too. 

I am delighted about it. I get to drink plenty of hot drinks.  It’s getting close to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I like the brisk air in the mornings. Did I mention how much easier it is to save money too?  I don’t know about you, but in the summer it’s much harder to save because of how many activities there are.

Summer is a fantastic season and I can see why some of you reading are deflated about saying goodbye.  There are some positives about Autumn though.   

What I especially like are the marketing and business opportunities.

You should be too, especially if you’re a business owner.  You may not care about the beauty of nature, but I am pretty sure you’ll like the top 5 reasons why Autumn is an awesome business sales period. 

Customers Are Searching for Stuff 

You guessed it.  The customers you’re after are searching for stuff.  Hot drinks, log cabins, comfort foods, memory items, services, and more.  The list goes on and on.  I don’t know what it is about Autumn, but since more people are inside, you can guess that they’re more focused on finding stuff to distract themselves.  

You might want to spend time thinking of an incentive or a campaign to get these sitting customers to buy your products. 

Colder Weather Means More Time Online

The colder weather brings opportunities to the online shopping world.  The colder weather and the uncertainty of the Delta Variant cause more customers to search online for their pre-orders or orders.

If you haven’t, investing in an e-commerce site should be a priority for you.  Shoppers want to find some early deals and will compare prices with no pressure.  The big reason to get started is that you don’t want to wait for the bigger supply chains to offer their discounts.

Focusing on your offensive strategy is a smart bet. 

Easier to Save Money.

Shopping early is a mindset for saving money.  Some people are always in bargain-hunting mode.  It’s easier to save money during the Autumn seasons.  Shoppers start early to find deals and if there is something they really want, they don’t want to risk the chance of missing out on a discount. 

This is especially true for toys.  Your better bet is to offer your deals early because of the immense shopping delays and the fear from customers that inventory may run short by the time they’re ready to spend. 

Christmas is Around the Corner.

I start my Christmas shopping early this year.  I asked my friends and family what they wanted me to buy for them to save me the headaches.  My first instinct was to check for early holiday deals. 

I thought I was the only one.  You couldn’t believe how wrong I was.  You may feel like the last thing you want to do is shop for Christmas.  It’s literally four months away!  

What I found out is even more astonishing.  You’d be surprised how early people shop for Christmas.  They say about 40% of shoppers (  in the United States start before the end of October.  

Don’t be shy to send an early Christmas deal email campaign or a friendly reminder text to your customers.  If you have deals, shoppers are looking for them right now. 

Memories and Feelings Build Connections. 

Nostalgia is a powerful motive for buyers.  Buyers like to feel connected. 

You can use the holiday seasons to connect and bond with your customers.  Please don’t forget to thank them for being loyal.  I’d even say to send them customers loyalty programs, thank you letters, and discount codes to get them excited about you. 

Whether you like Autumn or not, business never stops.  This is an effective season to put your business out there.

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