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Hustling More Is Not Always the Answer

In business, you hear the word “hustling.” It’s a slang term used to push sales and drive business. Hustling is to push or force one’s way. While I do believe that hustling can be a good trait, it’s not always the answer.

Today’s society pushes the term hustling as the only way to do business or make money. The truth is that “to hustle” has a place and a time. Some people take it too far though to the point that neglect their livelihood.

However, burnout is not fun at all. You can do some serious damage to your mental health if you are not careful. For those worried about falling behind, I understand your concern.

I’ve was the kind person to answer emails late at night and neglect my personal health. I didn’t feel the stress at the time. To me, working around the clock was normal until it wasn’t. Believe it or not. Stress creeps up on you if you’re not careful.

After getting sick, I had to find out how I could keep up with my work while not falling behind others who were healthier.

Passion doesn’t mean that you should push aside other hobbies that you like though.

What you can do instead of hustling all the time is taking the time to pause and think of better ways to accomplish your goals without pushing what you love to the side.

Focus on Smarter Strategies

Is there a better way to do what you are currently working on? Let say your business or work requires social media management. This is an extreme example, but it applies here.

You can find tools that help you manage social media easier and effectively.

The same applies to most of your tasks and responsibilities. There are good ways of getting things done and then there are smarter ways. Challenge yourself.

If there is a specific task that takes too much of your time, delegate it or find a tool that can help you optimize your strategy.

Manage Time Effectively

This is the goal right here. Time management is an underrated skill set. We all have the same 24-hours. How we use them is up to us individually.

I hear people say they don’t have time. It’s become a bragging point too. I’d like to switch it up though. For me, I’d rather have more time than less of it because, with more free time, I can do whatever I want instead of being tied down to a grind.

Again, there is nothing wrong with hustling or grinding. I’d like to think that there is a time and place for anything.

It’s not that they don’t have time. It’s that they may not prioritize something that requires their attention.

Change It Up

Hustling is often referred to as working hard and going after clients. It can have many different meanings. I’d like to see hustling as a start to something until you reach the goal you attain.

Your next goal should be making your strategy or business sustainable without hustling.

Once you reach your goal, it’s time to change it up. You need to remember that not everyone may have the same drive or hustle mentality you do. When you run a business, concentrate on simplifying processes that bring the same results with less effort.

If your strategy relies on hustling, it may need some fine tuning. Maybe there is a better way to attain clients without having to chase them down.

My point is that there is no problem with hustling. Hustling can result in long-term gains and is a positive mindset to have.

Nevertheless, our obsession with hustling shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our loved ones or from living life to the fullest. Being on the verge of burnout and stress is not fun.

You don’t need to stop the hustle per say. You just need to learn to balance it and optimize it!

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