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Is Facebook Still Worth it For 2021?

Who would have thought Facebook would still be around? It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Since then, it’s become a major tool in the marketing world.

I’m showing you my age. I come from a time period where Myspace and AOL were once the big things. It seems like new websites come and go.

However, Facebook might not be the case. It continues to hold relevance in mainstream media for better or for worse.

“Facebook is dying. No one uses Facebook anymore! No customers will click on the ads. They know them already.” I’ve heard it all before especially when I suggest that Facebook is the way to go.

I can understand the frustration though. Sometimes clients use a Facebook Ad and it doesn’t do so well. They give up and say well it didn’t work. Facebook isn’t a sure thing all the time. It takes time to really build a strategy that works for your business.

I’d like to say they are right! It doesn’t look like Facebook is slowing down at any rate though. To not have it as a marketing tool, is missing out. With over 2.89 billion monthly active users in 2021, it continues to be the biggest social network worldwide.

If we put Tik Tok and Instagram aside, Facebook is a social media channel that both older adults and younger ones are using on a constant basis.

Admittedly, Facebook was an excellent option several years ago if you wanted organic reach. Does this mean that it isn’t a good option?

Absolutely, not!

Facebook continues to be a smart choice for all types of businesses and I’ll give you some reasons why it is.

Facebook Groups Is A Smart Choice

Have you heard of Facebook Groups? A Facebook Group is a place to communicate about shared interests with certain people. You can create a group for anything.

I’ve seen groups for advertisements, family reunions, after-work sports, a book club, and even cockatiels! There are groups for everything and anything. This free source is a great way for you to network with other like-minded people.

If you needed to reach a target audience in a city, they have groups for that too. It’s an amazing, organic option for low-budget marketing spending.

You can even create your own group and invite people to it. Branding your business is a smart, free move with Facebook Groups.

Facebook Ads Are Less Expensive

When I consult new businesses, I mention to them that Facebook Ads are a good option. With a low cost to entry, the return on investment is definitely capable.

I’ve had clients use only $25 and generate thousands of dollars worth of sales. What makes it versatile is that you can pick and choose what kind of goals you’d like to hit.

  • Lead generation – Yep!
  • Brand awareness – You got it!
  • Page likes – 100%
  • Audience targetting – They have that too.
  • Inexpensive – Pick and choose the amount you’d like to choose
  • Add a store – Connect your store and watch the sells come in.

Think of Facebook as a cherry on top. The marketing you are already doing will be optimized for Facebook. You can even use Facebook solo if you don’t want to venture into other channels.

What’s the Trick with Facebook

The trick with Facebook is to be consistent. Create posts that are useful and that don’t disrupt the user experience. Simple tag lines work best too.

Whether it’s Facebook Ads or socializing with the community, be mindful that no one really enjoys a salesperson. This is not to say that salespeople aren’t loved!

It’s a bit different on Facebook though. Networking can be done through tools like messenger and WhatsApp business. Facebook has an endless amount of tools you can enjoy without spending a dime.

Be an active member of the community. This is what I recommend for those who are just starting out. Spend 10-15 minutes per day answering messages, being a part of the group, or posting or updating your Facebook page.

You don’t need to invest money to be successful on Facebook, but you can if you’d like to grow it faster. Facebook is a versatile tool for all businesses to use.

Facebook is here to stay!

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