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7 Qualities of an Effective CEO that Produce Profit

Good employees don’t leave companies, they leave management. This is a common reason employees leave their current employers.

Management starts at the top though. The business world is populated by managers and executives who measure their self-worth on the size of their power.

They see themselves as the most important person in the room.

Despite their success, this type of upper management slows a company’s growth because generally speaking good CEOs understand that their exterior and self-worth are in a part of those they surround themselves with.

The largest companies in the world may be distinctly different in what they offer. For example, Sonic offers food services while a company like Strayer University provides education.

If you understand the two CEOs that run Sonic and Strayer, they have similarities. Their companies continuously grow in profit year after year. They don’t show any signs of slowing down either.

What makes them similar though are the traits these CEOs carry. They have noble traits that carry over to their teams and promote a positive message throughout the company.

7 Qualities of an Effective CEO that Produce Profit

1. Stay humble

Good CEOs share an attitude about personal wealth and money that is surprising to people. They understand that money is secondary and don’t let money dictate their decisions.

2. Make information available to everyone

The CEO of PETCO Brian Devine mentions transparency as part of leadership. The reason you want to be transparent is that people want to know the truth.

Your employees need to know the truth. This way they can make reasonable decisions or be a part of the solution.

Furthermore, by giving them the same knowledge and information, everyone had an equal chance for success.

3. Praise others

As a CEO, your business’ accomplishments are a reflection of your leadership. Don’t be afraid to provide praise to those who deserve it. Most employees love to see that their work is not being ignored.

4. Love to lead

You’re a natural-born leader. You like to motivate others to be better and do better. A good leader can make decisions that are logically and emotionally sound.

5. Be accessible

You should be accessible to your management and your team members. You are the start of the company. When you give everyone an equal opportunity t speak to you and be accessible, you’ll be surprised how many people value it.

The goal is to build a team and provide value to your employees.

6. Have a passion for what you do

If you have passion for what you do, others will see it and fall for it too. The mission at heart is easier to transfer over to employees when they see how important it is to you.

7. Stand for something good and noble

I see it everywhere. We praise CEOs for their donations or heartfelt missions because it shows that you can still relate to the people who helped you get to where you are.

You stand for the good and noble. You’d be surprised how many people enjoy a CEO who can stand for the goodness and wellness of others.

Your qualities resonate with your peers. When you have a team that looks up to you and sees your good qualities, this will carry over to your customers too.

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