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Should Your Business Use a CRM?

What is a CRM? A CRM is a customer relationship management tool. Customer Relationship Management tools assist in maintaining your relationships with your customers.

You can think of a CRM as an advanced spreadsheet with phone numbers, emails, and contact information of your prospects. The main difference is that CRMs make it convenient to email, text, and automate most tasks.

There are several companies that offer free solutions to CRMs such as HubSpot and ZOHO CRM. They have limited features although they’re great to start out with.

Do you really need a CRM to be effective in 2021? Admittedly, it does streamline your lead cycle process.

If you are someone who markets alone or has limited time on your hands, having a CRM is a way to effectively manage your time by automating tedious tasks like automatically emailing an inquiry when they are interested in your product.

CRMs Are Not Needed, but Preferred

I can tell you some businesses that are successful that do not use CRMs. They use basic tools like spreadsheets and data forms to keep their leads in one place.

Being in the marketing business for quite some time now, it’s not 100 percent needed although it is preferred. It’s because CRMs can store your prospects and provide you with additional tools to manage them effectively.

Furthermore, if you have a sales team, CRMs are valuable. They give your sales team features that can help them find the right candidates for the services or products you sell.

Do You Have Problems Managing Your Customers?

Your customers are your business.

A question to ask yourself is do you receive complaints from customers being contacted late? The reality is that most customers today hate to wait. They want the feeling of instant gratification.

Patience is thin. If you see that you are losing customers or hear complaints, it might be time to consider a CRM that can help you manage your leads and current customers better.

Not All CRMs are the Same

This is another factor to take into consideration. If you are shopping around for a CRM, you must remember that not all of them are the same. There are popular CRMs that are free while others can be pretty costly.

You need to determine which one works for your business. Do you have a sales team? Do you prefer more automation or would you like something more custom-built? These are questions to think about before you decide to purchase a CRM.

The good thing is that most companies offer a free demo and show you the features up-front.

Whatever you decide to choose, CRMs are a safe option. Your company can succeed without one. My recommendation is to try it and see how it goes.

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