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When Is It Time to Change Your Branding?

The enjoyment I receive from branding is seeing someone’s personal vision and imagination come to life. It’s one of the reasons I have a deep passion for marketing.

You’ve had your start-up or small business for quite some time. During that time, you’ve probably had your ups and downs. It’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t go your way.

The one factor you can count on is that your branding has stayed consistent or maybe it hasn’t. There are businesses out there that don’t focus on branding at all and that’s okay in the beginning.

If you want to scale your business though, branding is important. It’s how customers recognize you from the competition.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go full force on branding. However, you do need something to show who you are and what your business represents!

The greatest brands in the world have undergone changes including brands like Starbucks and Target. Nevertheless, it’s a change that sometimes needs to happen depending on what your goals are.

So when should you consider changing up your brand? It really depends on you and the message you want to pass to your customers.

Here are some reasons you may want to change your branding.

Your Branding Isn’t Relevant to What You Do

It could be that when you started your company you had a personal attachment to a particular name or logo. Your branding, while having the heart, may not be relevant to what you do and that’s okay.

Branding can change when you’re ready. It could be as little as changing the slogan you use or the logo. Realistically, brands don’t change unless it’s for the better.

You May See Something Better

Improvement is what most people strive for. You may see something you like better. There are days where I’ll have a great idea and write it down in my journal. It may be that I like a tag or a particular styling that I can borrow for my business.

The point is that you shouldn’t get too attached to an idea. There are perpetually better ways to accomplish what you want. What I tell people is not to be close-minded.

Being Too Similar to Someone Else

Do you stand out from everyone else? Are you unique to the point that others recognize you? These are questions you should ask yourself when you take a look at your brand. You want to break away from the competition.

We can use YouTube for example where there are thousands of different podcasts. For instance, you may talk about a similar topic on YouTube to other YouTubers, but maybe your takes are a bit different or you focus on a niche.

I am a true believer that anyone can be successful if you are consistent enough to do it.

You don’t want to be too similar to the competition. It’s okay to take ideas from other brands. You want to be you though.

The one object you should remember though is that branding takes time. To change or not to change, is really up to you and how you see your business evolving. It’s not an immediate attention grabber either. The second you change your logo, colors, or slogan expect it to take some time before people recognize the difference.

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