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This is the One Element You Need to Remember When Selling to Anyone

Selling is the number one factor in whether or not a business will do well. If a business can’t sell, its chances of survival are slim. The art of selling may seem like it’s difficult, but it’s actually not.

Being shy and an introvert, I had the worst traits to be a salesperson. I made it work though. What made me a good salesperson was that I built connections with the customers who wanted to buy from me.

I used to sell solar panels and later on, I sold courses. The number one rule I can tell people is that selling is not about lying or adding extra features.

It’s not about being super happy or extroverted. You can’t fake it to make it in sales. You either get it or you don’t. What matters most is your connection to the customers. It’s about caring for the person you’re selling to.

What people like is authenticity. When it comes to selling, focus on the emotional connection. Most people don’t buy because of logic. They buy because of emotions.

You, as the seller or business owner, need to find what emotion drives your customers to buy.

Emotional Connect Builds Interest

I remember when I first purchased my new pair of puma sneakers. I had this feeling of overwhelming excitement. I wanted to buy these puma sneakers because they reminded me of my childhood and my father.

This emotional connection that I made with the brand is the reason why I bought them. There were better deals available for Adidas and Nike sneakers. Logically, I could have bought something a bit nicer than I did. But, this is where logic doesn’t apply.

Emotions drive people to want to buy. They may completely ignore a better deal just because the brand or the product made them feel a certain way when they brought it.

You can have the best features in the world! It won’t mean a thing if your prospects have no emotional attachment to your brand. Selling is about finding what motivates your prospects and tapping into that emotional bond that will get them to buy from you.

Use Positive Emotions like Enthusiasm and Trust

The first four seconds of a meeting or a call are precious. This is where you can make a lasting impression. During your conversation with a prospect, keep your emotions positive.

You want to use emotion like enthusiasm to maintain the prospect’s interest. With emotion and positivity, people are more likely to trust that you have their best at heart. The important thing to remember though is that it has to be authentic.

Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. The reason salespeople may lose trust is that they try too hard to force the product on the prospect. Furthermore, the emotion behind why they’re selling is not genuine.

Prospects can sense when you are being fake. It’s an intuition that most buyers have now and days. Don’t use desperation as a way to get them to buy. Care for them and they will care for you.

Be Real. This is It.

People like the idea that they are being told the truth. Imagine you were buying an item and someone conned you into buying something you really didn’t need. You probably wouldn’t like it. The bigger picture is more important than the sale.

The sale will come if you are patient. While selling requires you to be able to close, the close will come if you are real and genuinely care for the prospects you bring in.

I can’t stress that enough.

The secret to a successful product or service is being able to build bonds with the customers and gain their trust through authentic connections.

What separates one business from another is not necessarily the product. The product may have one or two different features that are unique or distinct. However, despite the uniqueness, customers may not be drawn to it because they don’t feel a connection to it.

Build that connection, be real, and that is how you’ll get your sales.

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