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Does Cold Calling Work in 2021? How to Cold Call Effectively. (Resources Included)

Text messaging, emailing, and even face-to-face marketing are attractive to businesses. What about cold calling?

Honestly, I could avoid making phone calls, I would. However, that does not mean that cold calls are useless. I’d actually admit they are pretty useful. I’ll explain to you what I mean.

Cold calling is a technique in which a salesperson contacts individuals who have not previously expressed interest in offered products or services.

The idea of cold calling is that you are contacting people that have absolutely zero interest in your brand or product. The hard truth is that cold calling is one of the most difficult types of marketing and sales because you are talking to complete strangers.

You’ll get a ton of hang-ups!

As someone who has done cold calling before, it’s not a fun thing. I managed a team. Every time I’d ask them to do cold calls I could see the dread on their faces. It’s not the fear of calling someone new that is problematic.

It’s the worry about rejection. If you’ve received a call before from someone you never met, then chances are you’ll either tell them you’re not interested, hang up, or not answer the phone at all.

The real question is. Is it effective? Does cold calling work?

The answer is. Yes, it definitely does work.

Cold Calling Mindset

Cold calling is great if your business requires phone traffic to build a business. Furthermore, it gets the message out there that you have real people reaching out. This counts for something.

You can find a leads list online for relatively cheap. You see cold calling is not an immediate marketing strategy. However, once you get started making at least 50-150 calls a day, the return is incredible.

Let’s say you don’t make contact with anyone. This isn’t a total failure. Even if you’re leaving voice mails and not reaching out to anyone, your number is being spread out to different people. They may consider calling back and that’s the good thing about it.

Additionally, if you are able to contact someone, the chances of you closing a sale are much higher than if you didn’t call at all.

How to Cold Call Effectively

A cold call doesn’t give you the chance to warm up your prospects. You have to make your cold call about your prospect rather than yourself or the product you are selling.

Do not make it about yourself. Yes, being straight to the point can help, but most prospects won’t want to talk about you. You want to make it about themselves.

Here are three cold calling techniques that you should avoid:

  1. Center the conversation around yourself
  2. Be confident that they should buy your product or service
  3. When someone brings up objection, try to overcome it

Our sales mindset pushes us to want to overcome objections. However, when you do that, you put the person on the defensive. They don’t know you. Furthermore, they have no reason to engage with you if you are forcing your product on them.

The mistake that cold callers make is that they think the product will be a match for everyone. It makes more sense to listen to their concerns and continue to explore whether you’re offering makes sense for them.

What you want to do when cold calling is to remember these four things:

  1. Embrace rejection
  2. Focus on immediate learning and not sales
  3. Follow your scripts like an actor and not a robot
  4. Focus on the prospect and learning more about them

When you are cold calling, here are other things you can do while calling. These are tips I’d recommend.

  1. Always leave a voicemail if you can
  2. Send a text message along with the cold call
  3. If they answer, get to know them and follow up. Request their email to see if they’d be interested in learning more.
  4. For business to business cold calling, visit their website and send them an email along with your cold call

The idea behind cold calling is not just to sell, but to market the business too. In time, usually between 3-6 months, you’ll start to notice an increase in your phone and visitor traffic.

Understand Business to Business versus Business to Customers

Usually, in business, you’ll learn who your customers are. Cold calling can be useful for both types of business sales which include business to business or business to customer. (B2B vs B2C)

This makes a huge difference. Business to business cold calling is vastly different from business to customer. The reason has to do with who you are talking to and how the decisions are made.

Businesses make decisions based on budget and who is in charge whereas prospects can usually determine if they can move forward without a second opinion.

For businesses, you want to reach out to the decision-makers. You learn this through contacting the business and finding out who is in charge.

It can take you a couple of calls before you find the right person you want to reach out to.

Resources You Can Use to Cold Call Effectively

What kind of resources do you need? This is a good question.

Before you start making cold calls, you need to have a script. Here are some resources that you can use to build a cold calling strategy.


If you are working on a tight budget, those resources are free to use. I’d recommend looking through them and seeing what works.

I am here to tell you that cold calling is effective even in 2021 where modern technologies like text messaging and emails are relevant.

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