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5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working on Your Side Hustle

I remember coming home from work and feeling exhausted. I’d spend most of my time either on Netflix, lightly exercising, or not doing anything at all. I had this great idea, yet I didn’t have the energy to pursue it.

I’d write in my journal every day that I’d wait until tomorrow to get started. Tomorrow didn’t quite measure up though. I felt too safe at my 9 to five job to genuinely put my time into my side hustle. One day I recognized how insecure I was.

It’s not that working a Monday – Friday job is a bad thing. It’s great if you need experience or likes the routine.

However, it became a mentally taxing and draining experience for me. I wanted something more. I heard the term “side hustle” from motivational videos I’d watch. They’d talk about how they worked full-time and during their free time, focused on building their side hustle project.

A side hustle is a side project you work on to one day lead into your main source of income. They call it a side hustle because it’s what adds to your passive income. In most cases, people transition to their side hustle after they make the income to transition.

I realized how unsafe I actually was. I only had one source of income. At any moment, I could lose my job or quit. When I recognized this, I went straight into working on my side hustle. I didn’t lack dedication.

The hardest part is starting. I lacked motivation. Once I got the motivation, I found ways to continue being motivated.

These are ways you can stay motivated when working on your side hustle.

Remember the End Goal

You want to remember the end goal of why you started. When I spoke to some of my friends and family who started businesses, they gave me different reasons.

Some reasons:

  • Freedom
  • Not relying on someone else
  • Pursue my passion
  • Help other people
  • Be my own boss
  • Be rich
  • Travel
  • Buy fancy cars
  • Fulfilment
  • Leaving a legacy behind

These were some reasons for them starting. Once you remember what your end goal is, it’s easier to stay motivated. Your end goal is what you hope to achieve at the end of the journey.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working on Your Side Hustle

Freedom is Waiting for You

Do you wish you had more time to travel? Would you like to spend more time with your dog or cat? The freedom of having more time is a luxury. While we all have the same 24 hours in the day, not all of us have the convenience of being able to do what we want when we want.

This is not the reason everyone pursues, but I do believe that it’s an important element to staying motivated. The reason is that freedom gives you more time to enjoy the things you like to do.

Set Aside 30 Minutes to an Hour a Day

The biggest misconception is that a side hustle has to be worked on 24/7 to become something bigger. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you work on a side hustle 30 minutes to one hour a day, it’ll grow.

It’s about consistency. Your side hustle is a side hustle for a reason. Eventually, once you’re able to dedicate more time, you can have it be your main source of income.

Examples of what you can accomplish:

  1. Work on growing your Instagram 5-10 minutes a day
  2. Schedule social media posts about your brand
  3. Create a logo
  4. Write a blog post or update your website
  5. Add a new t-shirt design to Amazon
  6. Network on LinkedIn
  7. Post flyers in your neighborhood

Time is on your side.

Try to Accomplish One Thing Per Day

This is similar to dedicating 30 minutes to an hour. In that time, set a goal that you want to accomplish for the day. You can write it down or create a business plan that’ll keep you on track.

Watch Motivational Videos

It’s cheesy. However, it works. I watch motivational videos and success stories to keep me motivated. There is a powerful video created by GaryVee about working hard, work smart, and being patient.

The reason I love Gary Vee’s videos is that he knows how to talk to the people who are just starting out. It’s not really about age either.

There are millions of videos out there like Gary Vee of people who spent time working on their side hustle until it became their passion. They are no different than you and me.

The one factor here is consistency. They didn’t give up on the first day. These are ways you can stay motivated to pursue your side hustle.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

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